Selling Investment Property

How can i sell in my investment property?

When selling your investment property, there are many aspects to consider. This is often accompanied by a lot of time investing in market research, market value and looking for reliable buyers. It is often difficult for you as a seller to estimate which buyers are reliable and whether they are fulfilling their obligations. Property Professional is aware of the latest market developments and transparent in the bid we make. At Property Professional, your property is handled discreetly and is bought without reservation of financing, so you are assured of sale.


Sell Quick Investment Properties

If you need to sell your investment property quickly, Property Professional is the right party for you. We are looking for investment properties with overdue maintenance. We have a fixed buy-out procedure and a permanent team of reliable real estate and finance experts. We buy with our own financing and therefore without reservation of financing. Delivery is always negotiable. We look at your wishes as a seller and together look for the right solution.

Are you sure of selling your investment property?

To ensure that the sale of your investment property or investment property continues, an age clause can be used, which covers you against technical defects that may occur after the sale. We can also use the Declaration of No Habitation. This indicates that you do not have used the beleggins house for your own habitation. For example, you can sell the property in its current state without worrying or buying it.

Also interesting for property developers

Are you a property developer and do you still have some separate properties that you cannot sell? We help you sell these properties. Because we work without a reservation of funding, the houses can be bought up immediately. Do you have a project where, for example, you want to buy up 25 properties in one go? Then of course that is also possible. Discuss with us the possibilities of your investment property.


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We also buy up houses

Have you had a property for sale for a long time? We can help you by buying up the property. Property Property allows you to sell your home quickly. Our buy-to-as-you-go strategy is super interesting for homeowners who are in a hurry to sell their property. We offer the solution to many of your problems.

Whatever your situation, we offer you fair prices for your homes. Property Professional offers guaranteed prices. This means that if we buy your property with the intention of reselling it you can receive a portion of the profit. Even if you have a negative BKR Registration we can offer you help.

Sell house through a real estate agent?

If you prefer to sell your house via the regular road, we can also assist you in this. We have a large network of regional real estate agents who are experts in selling houses. We are happy to put you in touch

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