Hotel Development Plot at the beach for sale in Sal, Cape Verde

Hotel Development Plot at the beach for sale in Sal, Cape Verde

Great opportunity to invest in Land in Cabo Verde.

With tourism steady growing in Cabo Verde and expecting a million visitors within the next 2 years. This is the perfect time to invest in Land in Cabo Verde.  Cabo Verde is in the top 10 countries of Tourism growth by 2024.

Cape Verde exists out of many islands. Where Sal is the most popular destination for tourists visiting Cabo Verde. With its white sandy beaches and clear blue water it a great place for holidays. The local people speak Portuguese and quite good English.

Main travellers visiting this island are German, Swedish, Dutch, and American. Santa Maria is the old town where most of the touristic actives are. The streets are filled with restaurants and small shops. In Santa Maria you also find the popular white sandy beaches and blue water.

International Established Luxury Hotel Brands have bought up most of the landplot directly to the beach to setup luxurious resorts. This is the last landplot of this size directly to the beach that is for sale in Santa Maria.

This is your last chance to buy land directly to the beach for this price before Cape Verde becomes even more booming.

Hotel Development Land

The total size of the land is 89.159m2. Developers are allowed to build a Hotel Resort and apartment complexes on this landplot. The possibilities are endless. With the right strategy and timing this is a great opportunity to invest in. The prices for land and property in Cape Verde are steady rising but still affordable. With demand growing it is expected that the value of the land  and property will yearly increase for the coming years. For only €145 per m2 you can still buy this land.


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